Kala Jadu Ka Tor

Kala Jadu Ka Tor
Kala Jadu Ka Tor

Kala Jadu Ka Tor

Kala Jadu Ka Tor, When it comes to make to make an impossible as possible the first thing which we think of is magic. Magic capitalizes on supernatural power. Magic possesses distinctive qualities which produces unaccountable or baffling effects. Magic has been performed since ancient times in India.

Magic is performed with the help of certain languages, rituals, gesture and symbols. As we said it has power to make impossible as possible so when simple magic is bestowed with such qualities think of black magic or kala jadu. Kala jadu is basically performed by evil minded people by using negative power or energy.In ancient times black magic or kala jaduwas called by the name “Abhichaar”.

Kala jadu has power to cause certain death in family, deterioration in health or no improvement in health if undergoing health treatment.It is so powerful that it may cause heavy losses in business and extreme financial losses to the person whom it is performed.

It is performed by people for their personal profit. But it is very important to understand that whether the performer of the kala jadu or the person whom it is performed both have to face the ill effects of kala jadu.

Before we go ahead for kala jadu ka tor/tod it is very important to know how we can find that kala jadu has been performed. If someone is suffering from regular headache, have been continuously seeing stool and urine in their dreams or found their body is filled with stool, always feeling aroused for sex, having increased heat beat, breathing fatty or having pain in chest, in spite of having everything the person on whom kala jadu is performed fond themselves as all alone and unhappy. And there are many other symptoms if shown by someone it can be easily identified that kala jadu is performed him/her.

Once it is identified that kala jaduis performed on someone it is quite easy to have kala jadu ka tor. As the biggest challenge is to find the kala jadu. Before we talk about the kala jadu ka tor it is more important for us to know how we can prevent ourselves from kala jadu.

In order to prevent yourself from kala jadu make sure you don’t have non-veg and wine with outsiders during amavasya, don’t flaunt of yourself or the things you have, make sure holy water is spread in your home on every amavasya, get a suraksha chakra from a renowned astrologer, many suraksha yantra are available in market which can safeguard your home from kala jadu. These are some key points which if taken care can help us in safeguarding ourselves from kala jadu.

Kala jadu ka ilaj is suggested in both islam and Hinduism. But these can be suggested by experts of the kala jadu. This helps the person to come out of the vicious circle of kala jadu. Below is one of the ways suggested in Islam as kala jad ka ilaj.

Aleeqa Maleeqa-Anta-Al-‘Ilmee Maafee Quloobihim Maleeqa Firawna Haamaana Shaddaa-danamrooda ‘Ooraada Daqyanoosa JeejoonaMeejoona La-‘eena Yaa Mal ‘oonanaa Fee NaareeJahannam Daf’aa Ummu-Ssibyaani-Al ‘Khannasi Min Junoodi wa Ibleesa.

Kala Jadu Ka Tor

Kala Jadu Ka Tor
Kala Jadu Ka Tor

It is a mantra suggested in Islam and believed that if it is chanted 05 times a day with full devotion and dedication will help the performer to get rid of kala jadu.

Apart from this mantra there are certain amal in Islam which can save you from kala jadu or can be used as kala jadu ka tod. One such amal which can be used against your enemy that will not allow him to have a proper sleep and we all know what it means if you have not slept for continuous three days. In order to do this what all you need is a photo of that person to whom you want to do this amal.

This amalis performed for eleven day in front of the photo of the person. You have to do “sure fil” for 70 times continuously for eleven days after this pierce a nail into the head of the photo of that person. After eleven days of such performance the picture of that person should be teared in two pieces and each of part should be buried in kabar. The result will be such that the person will not be able to sleep.

In astrology it is believed that those person whose stars are week are more prone to kala jadu. Further persons with rakcha sgana can be easily trapped in kala jadu not only this those who have wine and non-veg more also easy target of kala jadu and at last lack of self confidence is also one of the reasons which can get you trapped in kala jadu.

Astrology has many remedies of kala jadu upay which can be used to safeguard against kala jadu. One of such remedy is below mentioned mantra.

Kala Jadu Ka Tor

VajraBaandhau Dash Dwaar,
DaakiniDaapini, RakshovSarvaang,
Mantra Jayo, ShatruBhayo,
DaakiniVaayo, JaanuVaayo,
Brahma Ki DhishuSaashu,
DaakiniMili Kari,
Moro JeedGhaatKareti,
PatnePaani Kare,
Gua Kare, Yaane Kare,
Soote Kare, Parihaase Kare,
NayanKataakshi Kare,
Aapo Na Haate, Parhaate,
JiyatiSanchaare, KilaniPotni,
AninTushwari Kare,
AiteVigyaanAhin Na Nagayo,
Om Mosiddhi Guru ParaayeStri ling, Mahadev Ki Aagya

What is important is that this has to be followed for seven days then only it will show better results. It has the power to get rid of any kind of kala jadu.

It is very important to know that if one can impose kala jadu there are remedies to cure the kala jadu. One has to beself-confident to get rid of kala jadu. These remedies are in all religion be it Hindu or Islamic. There are experts who give with the various kala jadu upay.