Dua To Return Back Black Magic

Dua To Return Back Black Magic
Dua To Return Back Black Magic

Dua To Return Back Black Magic

Dua To Return Back Black Magic, The evil doing deserves an evil reply. Black magic is one of the biggest crimes in the eyes of Islam. The one who practices it will surely go to hell if Allah has the followers and has faith in him. So does the evil have his followers? Those who lack confidence in Allah chooses the wrong side.

Well, their punishments await them. Nobody can escape the evil doing. The path of evil might seem easy and more rewarding. But, there will come a time when the evil doer will regret his actions. Allah’s way is the serene one. And only brave can stay on it. It requires commitment and true faith.

Allah asks us to choose the right over the wrong. And, if wrong is your choice. Then indeed Allah is not the part of that choice. The evil doings are hurtful, especially when they are charged towards the innocent. Unfortunately, these things do affect. It can destroy life. Bring people the unwanted misery.

Dua To Return Back Black Magic
Dua To Return Back Black Magic

If the condition becomes severe, it can take lives too. This is what the jealousy can do. The ill will which we so easily have for people. Can have dire effects. This is how evil comes to your heart. If you have the real faith in Allah, then you will certainly stay away from them.

But, when the wrong time comes then no one can save the doom. The black magic can trouble you. There is no doubt in that. But, if you have true faith in Allah. If you are his faithful follower. Then you will surely find your way out from this dark circle.

These are the timely troubles which are written for all. At one point or the other, we have to go through them. I agree experiencing something evil is not at all easy. There are things which are unexplained when you are under the influence of black magic.

All those things happen to you which are not logically explained. In such cases, no doctor can help you. But, the perfect part here is you have Allah by your side. He is the supreme doctor. He can do things which no one can. On hi swill depends on everything.

And inevitably, from his will, the effect of the black magic on you will end too. Hold on and be firm in your faith on him. To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Nobody can escape the bad. The pain you have experienced so far will be put to justice.

There is one more thing that you need to remember. Only good can counter the bad. It is the way of Allah which can help you out of this dark. His name becomes so very essential when you are dealing with this. Black magic is hard to define. The person who is suffering from its effect will only know.

Your call to Allah should be your first move towards help. Make him your supreme leader. Ask for the support and Inshallah he will give you the solution. Most of the times the answer is right in front of our eyes. We are just unable to see it. In this challenging period, you need to look in the right direction.

There are people out there who are readily going to take advantage of your situation. Who will seek opportunity from your trouble? Will try to make money out of it. These things have become a business which runs on the misery of the innocent.

There are a lot of duas in the Quran which you can take help of. Your patience is your first guard. If you lose it, you will become all the more vulnerable. So it is so better you see help in everything legitimate, which is provided to you by Allah? And if you want the tit for tat to happen. Then it is his priority.

He will do justice to you. He will give the pain to your enemy equivalent to the pain he has caused you. His sense of justice is way too stronger than yours.


Your attention is a must here. In Quran lies the ultimate solution to all your problems. These are the pak and the right ways. It might take time, but it will give you the necessary relief.


The following duas are the ultimate solution. They are a real relief when you suffer from the trouble of the black magic. The moment you come to know that you are suffering from it. And see the person who has done that to you. You should undoubtedly resort to the following duas to save yourself.

  • Start with the AYAT AL KURSI and read it seven times.
  • After that read the last verse of the SARAH BAQRAH for the seven times.
  • At the end recite for the seven times, DUROOD E TAAJ.

This will give you the protection from the black magic. And indeed it will lash back onto the person who has committed this grave crime to you. The one who practices black magic has no escape. Both of his worlds here and above will be bad. There is no power in this world which can save him from the anger of Allah.

Allah is our final destination. Who stood on his path will be rewarded in the end. We all will reach there and has to answer him for all our doings. And no one is greater than the person who forgives. Your rage is justified as you were made to suffer for absolutely no reason.

Your enemy will be punished for what he has done. If it is possible from your side to forgive then, please do. He is no matter what is going to escape his unfortunate fate. But you are kind that I am sure of. May Allah give you the required strength. Ameen.

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