Jinn Possession Dua

Jinn Possession Dua
Jinn Possession Dua

Jinn Possession Dua

An easy and trusted solution to Jinn Possessions: Quranic Duas & Islamic methods.

Jinn Possession Dua, There have always been some theories revolving around, that a world parallel to the humans’ world exist.

Jinn Possession Dua

Jinn Possession Dua
Jinn Possession Dua

Many people still not believe this theory but there are many who have a deep experience of it.

This parallel world is not on any other planet but exist on the same earth and abodes some unseen and unexpected things.

Usually this world is known as the ‘spirit world’ and comprises of jinns and jinnats.

As per some theories of Islam, jinns exist just like humans but cannot be seen in reality.

As humans are made up of bones, muscles and tissues, the jinns are made up of fire.

A normal human being cannot see them but can feel them, if they get possessed by a jinn.

Jinn Existence-                           

Jinn do exist and can even be present beside us but we may not know it. Just like one cannot see or touch the air, similarly goes for the jinns.

Some say they are spirits, others say they are a ghosts. But as per the Islam, the fact about jinns is that they have been created by Allah and are not any ghosts.

Jinn Possession Dua

There are two types of jinns- Good and Evil. The good jinns do well to others and live like angels, but the evil one may sometime create a mess in anybody’s life. The following extract from the Quran justifies the existence of jinn:

“Indeed we created man from dry clay of black smooth mud. And we created jinn before that from the smokeless flame of fire.”  (Quran 15:26-27)

Since they are created from fire, the jinns have some exceptional powers. They are given unusual powers by Allah for good, but many times they can use them to possess people.

for instance, they can take form of any person or animal. This is the reason, in Islam, the white cats, mouses, snakes and birds are not allowed to be killed by anyone. Most probably, the jinns take form of these animals.

Why dua for jinn possession?

Possession is one of the strongest power of jinns. They can possess any human being or animal. They completely take over the soul and body of the victim.

After such a possession, the victim starts to behave abnormally and may turn violent. Such a jinn possession is not easy to eradicate.

No matter how strong the person is, one cannot overcome the strength of a jinn. But nothing is impossible for Allah. There are duas for every hurdle of life and so does for a jinn possession.

They work seamlessly and can easily free your soul from the pain. The tactics and duas of Islam are the only way out for a jinn possession.

They are authentic and does not require any irrelevant efforts except faith and concentration.

Jinn Possession Dua

There are many surah to protect from jinn. The followings surahs can help one get free from the trap of a jinn:

  • Surah Al-Bakarah (Chap 2),verse 1-5, 163, 255-257 & 284-286.
  • Surah AL-Fatihah (Chap 1), verse 1-7.
  • Surah Al-Imran (Chap 3), verse 18, 26 & 27.
  • Surah Al-Israa (Chap 17), verse 110 & 111.
  • Surah Al-Rehman (Chap 55), verse 33-40.
  • Surah Al-Hashr (Chap 59), verse 21-24.
  • Surah Al-Falaq (Chap 113), verse 1-5.
  • Surah Al-Naas (Chap 114), verse 1-6.

The Surahs, mentioned above works wonders. It is works as a dua for jinn removal. The above block of surah shall be recited for 1 or 3 times in a single sitting.

It can be done once in a day or twice a day viz. first in the morning and then in the evening.

Dua for keeping jinn away:

Precaution is always better than a cure. Instead of taking a risk, you shall always stay safe from evil things. You never know, a trouble stands in front of you and takes a toll on your life.

Jinn Possession Dua

Therefore, some duas or measures shall be adopted beforehand. Below are some of the duas and measures to keep a jinn away from you, your family and from your home:

  • AyatalKursi, this acclaimed ayat is an unparalleled dua for any evil spirit, jinn or problem in life. Make sure you learn the shorter version of AyatalKursi by heart. No matter where you go, you can invoke it as soon as you feel unsafe. The effects of this ayat are instand, if recited by faith.
  • Keep invoking names of Allah. There are 99 names of Allah and invoking His pious names will keep any evil stuff far away from you.
  • Always maintain cleanliness at your home and personal places. It is said that evil things stay away from a clean and pious place.
  • Stay away from throwing your personal belongings anywhere and everywhere.
  • Ladies shall always cover their head while entering a pious place like masjid or imambara.
Jinn Possession Dua

Above the useful methods and dua to stay away from a jinn possession. It is not a matter of panicking, have faith and Allah will guard you always.