Hamzad And Allah Ka Ilm

Shaitan Ka Ilm 

This is an ancient invocation to bring forth. Black devil figural candles are believed to drive unwanted associates away or cause damage to a devil(shaitan). Green devil(shaitan) figural rushlight is alleged to have the power to compel a debtor to repay money that is owed; they are also burned by folks who wish to have easy money without much labor. This ilm deals 2d6 points of damage per round for the duration of the spell to creatures that have both the lawful and evil subtypes (such as a devil). No saving throw is allowed against this damage.
You will need:

• Voice.

Allah Ka Ilm 

Allah has informed His Prophets about certain things from the Unseen. The knowledge of the is more than everyone else’s. Nobody can be identical to the ability of the Prophet’s ability in the nature. The five major items of the Unseen, Allah have informed some of these parts to the Prophet.


Allah Ka Ilm
Allah Ka Ilm


It is not possible, nor permissible to say that the Prophet’s ‘May Allah bless him and grant him peace’ knowledge of the job is equal to that of Allah – or even like the ability of Allah, considering Allah’s ability is His mine & the Prophet’s knowledge has been given to him by Allah. The belief that Allah informed His Prophet of more knowledge than any one else is the belief of the blessed companions of the Prophet.

Dushman Ko Barbad Karne Ka Ilm 

This Ilm to give your enemies bad luck, specifically minor injuries. Puts a curse on your enemies. This Ilm needs to be done during a ebbing moon. The day & time does not entity. Security & safety Ilm are often needed by applicant, both for themselves and on favor of their family members, children, or pets, & as a consequence, root doctors & conjure practitioners have developed many techniques for strengthening the defenses, warding off evil, and ensuring safety. This Ilm will punish your enemy, and make him or her realize that whatever they have done to trouble you or hurt you is wrong and will suffer till you want them to suffer. This Ilm will not only punish and hurt your enemy, but also will make him or her realize that what they did to you was wrong and so are in trouble.
You will need:
• Voice
• Enemies

Hamzad Ka Ilm 

This is strong & great way to generate or achieve the cryptic magical divine power named HAMZAD. This is very Strong, cryptic & holy custom for Shadow Man Power. Once it shows up, then all kinds of work he will do for you. You just wish to order what you want. This is very easy but very strong & powerful Shadow Power (Humzad) appeal to Ilm holy.


Any one can do it, but only the wish to protection are that the person wish to escape the Beaf & Dusty things to eat. Then sitting in front of the Hamzad, mentioned here 41 times. Suddenly at gloomy, gain the Hamzad to a lane margin, where 4 roads meet & keep it there along with a lighted Oil light, in advanced of it.