Sihr Separation Cure

Sihr Separation Cure
Sihr Separation Cure

Sihr Separation Cure

Sihr Separation Cure,Sihr of separation is the worst thing that could happen to anyone. It happens when two people are disconnected from each other. There are people around you who want to see you in trouble. There are people who are jealous of your happiness. They can spell cast on you and separate you from your spouse. As a matter of fact, sihr of separation can kill a person. It devastates a person socially, financially, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Sihr Separation Cure

Sihr Separation Cure
Sihr Separation Cure

One of the spouses is more affected by the sihr of separation, on whom the sihr has actually been directed. That spouse longs for her partner.

In Indian and Arabic societies, women suffering from sihr of separation have been recorded to even end their life.

Society is cruel towards women who are left by their man. If the husband leaves his wife, the wife’s life becomes difficult. She has to bear the pain of separation, along with the pressure exerted on her by her family, in-laws and other relatives.

How a Sihr Is Directed Towards Anyone

Sihr is directed towards anyone by the help of sahir or witch. Someone, who has ill intentions for you, will go to the sahir to destroy your happiness. Witches master in demolishing anyone’s life. The witch will ask for the target’s name, mother’s name any thing of the target.

It could be a piece of cloth, hair, used article or anything that has the target’s smell in it. Witch performs the sihr and bewitches the article with water. The water is then to be sprinkled in the area traveled by the targeted person. It could be sprinkled in to her house, work place, courtyard or lane. As soon as the target crosses the water, touches it, the sihr attacks her.

The water could be mixed with food and water and fed to the targeted person. If the witch uses any of the objects of the target, she may ask to isolate the object or bury it. Current day Sahir asks for a photograph of the targeted person and casts spell on it. The strong black magic releases an ill vibration that demolishes the purity of the husband wife relationship.

Period of Sihr

The period of sihr is the most painful and confusing one. The spouse who is suffering from such pain is unable to bear it. Simultaneously, she remains confused of why such things have been occurring to her life; why her husband is ignoring her? All such questions have no answer till the time you get a cure for sihr of separation. Married couples suffer the most due to sihr of separation.

Sihr Separation Cure

The spouse who suffers the most wants to mend everything. He/she tries to reconcile, but the other person, who is under spell, never responds to positivity. At some point of time, it becomes difficult for the spouse to ascertain whether she should continue with the relationship or quit it. It is very easy to quit a relationship or giving up on it, but equally difficult to remain stable on it. You can obtain cure for sihr of separation, once you want to change your life for the betterment.

Kinds of Sihr of Separation

Sihr of separation are of the following types:

  1. Detachment of a person from his mother
  2. Detachment of a person from his father
  3. Detachment of a person from his brother
  4. Detachment of a person from his friend
  5. Detachment of a person from his professional team/co-worker/business-partner
  6. Detachment of a person from his spouse

Symptoms of Sihr of Separation

  1. Sudden change in the behavior of a person. He may change from hating a person to loving a person, or vice-versa.
  2. Suspicious behavior of a person towards the other person.
  3. Impatient behavior of a person towards his partner. The person will not be ready to adjust or compromise in a relationship and becomes rude.
  4. Exaggerating behavior of a person towards small tiffs or fights between two people. People fight over trivial issues.
  5. Change in the behavior of a husband or a wife towards each other. All of a sudden they start to dislike each other. They pick up fights with each other and misunderstand each other.
  6. People affected by sihr show hatred towards everything that the other person does. He cannot even stand a small mistake of the other person. Even if the other person tries to soothe him down, he is not ready to accept.
  7. People affected by sihr do not even like to stay in the same place with the opponent. In case of a husband and wife, the husband who is found to be happy outside the home, is found sad, rude and disappointed at his house. He cannot tolerate the glance of his wife and remains depressed in her company.

As per the Al-Hafidh Ibn Kathir, couples attacked by sihr of separation find each other ugly. They cannot respect each other and feel ashamed of each other.

Ruqyah for sihr of separation

Are you suffering from the sihr of separation and have realized it? Do you and your husband are facing differences between each other without any real reason? Seek help from the people in the field. Contact us to get ruqyah for sihr of separation.

Sihr Separation Cure

This ruqyah has recovery powers. It heals you and your husband’s relationship. Ruqyah for sihr of separation can heal all sorts of sihr of separation. If you are finding solutions to how to get rid of sihr of separation, only an expert from the field can help you. Call us now to know the cure for your pain. Do not let the sihr to destroy your love and relationship.

Sihr Separation Cure

Relationships are precious and you have to safe guard them. Contact us to receive Allah’s blessings to heal the differences you are facing with your loved ones. Nobody can stay in a relationship where there is no love or respect. Make your relationship a meaningful one and live a blessed life.